Real Life Success Stories

CLA member in West Sussex saves 32.28% on their Vineyard’s energy costs

32.28% Saving


A vineyard in West Sussex is a CLA member. They make excellent and highly sought-after wine. Such was the focus on wine-making that they lost focus on their electricity suppliers. They had two meters from two different suppliers and were paying the top rate because they were out of contract. It was costing much more than it should have done. CLA Utilities found five deals for the vineyard, including an option of joining the CLA Bulk Purchasing Basket. The vineyard took up that option, signing a two-year contract and picking up a huge 32.28% annual saving.

CLA member in Buckinghamshire saves 23.64% by joining the CLA Energy Club

23.64% Saving


The wrong utility deals can add unnecessary cost to any business. These costs can make the difference between a holiday or not, or even whether or not a business can survive. A farming member from Buckinghamshire was buying electricity at a very expensive rate, which was not healthy for the business. It was therefore time for a change and the member asked us to help. CLA Utilities found five much better deals and the member decided to take up the offer of joining the CLA Bulk Purchasing Basket. The three-year contract provides a significant annual saving of 23.64%.

CLA member in Dorset saves 11.53% on energy costs with the assistance of CLA Energy Services

11.53% Saving


We all know buying in bulk provides increased purchasing power. But most people don’t have the size to use as leverage to negotiate better deals. The CLA Bulk Purchasing Basket brings members together to do exactly that: the sum of the whole is worth more to utility providers than the value of the individual members. A farmer from Dorset had four electricity suppliers, with a mixture of contracts and, expensively, expired contracts. They now have a four-year contract to use the CLA Bulk Purchasing Basket to save 11.53% a year on their electricity bills.

CLA member in Warwickshire saves 6.72% on energy costs

6.72% Saving


Having multiple utility suppliers is never a good idea. One CLA member, a plumbing and heating hardware supplier in Warwickshire, had several gas and electricity contracts from two different suppliers. Over the years, new contracts had been signed but no one had ever looked at the big picture. CLA Utilities audited the situation and suggested a consolidation to a single contract with one supplier. And because we know the industry so well, we were able to provide a choice of six suppliers. The member now has a contract with one of the six suggested suppliers. Importantly, they also have a 6.72% annual saving.

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